Good afternoon, I hope this finds you well. Yesterday's artist reception was wonderful and I'm thrilled so many people came out. 

Big thank you to the Northampton Senior Center for the space and the yummy food with coffee. I am enjoying the leftovers, too.

My sweet husband took the video that can be found on my YouTube channel @ellan.alkiewicz3825 The video is 24 minutes long and can be found here https://youtu.be/PKYSx_hqSLc?feature=shared 

I wrote up a handout that says: 

Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz, MFA is a self-taught artist and poet while university trained in teaching and writing. She works in her studio on Main St., married over a decade, and a resident of Northampton while originally from Labrador, Canada. Ella is a dual citizen and a beneficiary of Nunatsiavut Government. 


Her collection of acrylic paintings is called Homeland Beauties for Yous. This is her first solo art exhibition. She is thrilled to show at Mary’s Bistro in the Northampton Senior Center during the month of October, 2023.


English definitions of the Inuktut words

Inuk (1), Inuuk (2), Inuit (3+) are the Indigenous people that live in the Arctic Circle – Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the Russian Federation. Inuit means “The People.” 


The Orange Shirt symbolizes Ilonnatik Suguset IkKanattut which translates into 

Every Child Matters. My Inuk mother is a Canadian Residential Boarding School survivor. Contact me for more information. 


Inuksuk (1), Inuksuuk (2), Inuksuit (3+) are rock formations that look like humans. Built by Inuit on the tundra to point towards home or where the hunt went. My Nunatsiavut Government flag has an Inuksuk on it with Labrador colours (white, green, blue). 


Uluk (1), Uluuk (2), Uluit (3+) symbolize women’s strength and are the women’s knives that cut fish and meat. 


Kisik means dried sealskin. While sealskins are banned in America (except for Alaskan tribes), the furs are very important for Canadian Inuit. There is beauty in the drying of the sealskin along with celebrating the hard work it takes to dry one. 


iKaluk means arctic char. A tasty, popular fish that swims in the Labrador Sea.


Pitsik (1), Pitsek (2), Piset (3+) means dried fish. Deliciousness that is smoked and hangs outside. 


Aullâsimavik (1), Aullâsimavek (2), Aullâsimavet (3+) means cabin(s). 


Email: ellaalkinuk@gmail.com

Instagram: @ella_alk

Venmo: @ellaalk

I accept payments via Venmo, cash or check. This is the pricelist: 

Inventory of Acrylic Paintings in USD (I can convert prices into CAD, too)


Acrylic Paintings Inventory


2023   Aullâsimavek                                     $300.


2023   Beaded Orange Shirt                        $150.                          ½ $ donated to my mother


2022   Blue Kisik                                          $200.


2023   Blue-Orange Ulu                               $65.


2023   Goldy Swims                                     $90.


2022   Grand Inuksuk                                  $100.


2023   Happy Valley                                    $250. 


2022   Homeland Ulu                                   $80.


2023   IKaluk                                                $90.


2023   Inuksuk_EA                                      $65.


2022   Orange Feather                                $180.                          ½ $ donated to my mother


2022   Orange Ulu                                       $80.


2022   Pitsek                                                $90.


2023   Standing Tall                                     $160.


2023   Yellow Kisik                                       $200.

This is Grand Inuksuk 



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