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  Merry Christmas from our home to yours!  Kuve Inovia is Inuttitut for  Merry Christmas!  Digital art made on Procreate app by me  done today/ullumi.  I'll be offline for a couple days and hope  everyone is safe, happy, and loved.  Message me at  or reach me on IG: @ella_alk, Twitter: @ellaalk. Nakummek/thank you and keep wearing a mask to end this pandemic.

Closing reception on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021

 Come join us between 12 to 4 PM at 358 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA.  We'll have a blast with community, food, and fabulous artwork.  There's still time to buy your holiday gifts and support these local Indigenous artists. Look at the  Facebook  event page   called  November Red & Sky Native Art Exhibits Closing Reception Paper City Clothing Company.  Message me at if you need more information.  The parking lot is nearby and this is a Handicapped Accessible event.  Hope to see you there and feel free to share this page. 

Two announcements

 It's a great day to be an Inuk artist!  I was mentioned in the December 2021 Quabbin Art Association Newsletter as a new member. You can find them at It looks to be a good organization and I'm looking forward to getting to know them.  I am thrilled I will be an Artist in Residence in January 2022 for Easthampton City Arts! It's posted on their Instagram.  You can find it  here  []. Have a good day and feel free to reshare/repost or follow me on Instagram : @ella_alk or on Twitter : @ellaalk. 

My art is hanging in the gallery!

A big thank you to Gallery A3 member, Rochelle Shicoff, for asking me to be her guest artist. Also thank you to Gallery A3 member Sue Katz for hanging my pieces. You can see our work from Thursdays to Sundays between hours 3 to 8 PM.  My acrylic paintings are up! There are two inuksuk ammalu an ulu amma an Inuk.  The fifth painting called "Every Child Matters Shirt" will be added once one of these gets sold.  Photo by Chris Alkiewicz, 12/02/21 I stand next to my artwork, grateful. Photo by Chris Alkiewicz, 12/02/21  Gallery A3 member and former art teacher, Nancy Meagher,  took this photo of Husband and I.  Gallery A3 is located in Amherst, MA. It's behind Bank of America in the center of town.  There's convenient parking across the street.  Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me on  Instagram or Twitter .  Have a good day!      

Two recent articles

 It's a great day to be an Inuk Artist!  Saliha Bayrak of the UMass Amherst Massachusetts Daily Collegian wrote this article . You can find it  here  []. and Aprell May Munford of MassLive wrote this  article  [].  To clarify, I am a beneficiary of Nunatsiavut Government/kavamanga being a dual citizen. "Inovunga Labradorimi" translates to "I am an Inuk from Labrador."  Thanks for reading their articles. You can leave a comment and/or share this post. I appreciate it.  Atsunai~

"Small Wonders" in Amherst, MA starting Dec. 2d

Free event, handicapped accessible. Find Gallery A3 on Instagram .  My (5) six by six-inch acrylic paintings are for sale. All five are for sale at $75.00 USD, starting 12/02/21. These paintings are varnished and ready to hang on your wall.  This is called "Inuksuk mikijuk" which means Small Inuksuk.  The larger Inuksuk painting is in the "November Red" show in Holyoke, MA.  This is "Blue Ulu."  An ulu is a woman's knife that Inuit women traditionally use for cleaning skins and cutting meat.  This is called "Every Child Matters Shirt." My mom is a Canadian Residential Boarding School survivor and  Orange Shirts represent the residential boarding school survivors.  This is "Happy Inuk" and was a joy to paint with her tunniit.  This is "Inukusk in Labrador" with Labrador colours.  I take commissions with half for deposit and a week deadline.  All photographs of paintings were taken by Chris Alkiewicz. Contact me for inquires

8 more dates to view "November Red"

Our fabulous art show, "November Red," is still going on. There's still time to go visit! It's located at Paper City Clothing Company, 358 Dwight St., Holyoke, MA. There's parking on the street and/or there's a parking lot nearby. The business is Handicapped Accessible. This is a free event unless you want to buy our art! We welcome sales!  The dates are:  Saturday           Nov. 20      11 AM to 3 PM  Saturday           Nov. 27      11 AM to 3 PM  Thursday         Dec. 2           4 to 8 PM  Saturday           Dec. 4         11 AM to 3 PM  Thursday         Dec. 9             4 to 8 PM  Saturday           Dec. 11         11 AM to 3 PM  Thursday         Dec. 16          4 to 8 PM  Saturday           Dec. 18         11 AM to 3 PM Let me know if you go and what you think of our show. Leave a comment. 

Contact Me

You can reach me at:  Email:                    Facebook:                    Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz Instagram:                   @Ella_Alk I have current art for sale and/or I can create original digital art/acrylic paintings for you.  I have many more pieces of digital art available, not yet uploaded to this site. Please contact me for more information. Shipping costs extra in North America.   And I accept:   Cash  Venmo:                     @ealk3   Thank you/nakummek for visiting my site and feel free to share this, tell a friend, and return for more information.  These are exciting times to be an Inuk artist! Aksunai! Be Strong!   

My "Every Child Matters" digital art in a Toronto gallery

I made this beautiful digital art piece to represent the residential boarding schools that Inuit were forced to attend. It says "Ilonnatik Suguset ikKannattut" which means "Every Child Matters" in Inuttitut. The churches spilled Inuit blood by running the Canadian Residential Boarding Schools for too many years.  Across the street from the Leslie Grove Gallery, Mom and I sat on the bench.  I looked up and saw this flag. It was soo refreshing to feel seen and heard.  #LeslieGroveGallery #TorontoON This is Anaanaga (on left) and she survived the Canadian Residential Boarding Schools. She's incredible!  We wear the Orange Shirts. Her mask is from Nunatsiavut kavamanga while mine is the Labrador flag.   #wearamask #getvaccinated  Inovunga Labradorimi ammalu my 12 by 12 inches digital art.  It sold and I'm soo pleased it has a forever home.  #EveryChildMatters #OrangeShirt  All photos taken on my iPhone, 21 August 2021  

My second art show happening in #EasthamptonMA Nov. 6th to Dec. 11th!

'Uluit' 10" x 10"  acrylic  photo by @chrisalk 'heART' 12" x 12"  digital art  photo by @chrisalk proof of 'Under the Atsanik'  18" x 26"  digital art  This image is the one that showed at the Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery  in Varna, Bulgaria earlier this year.   

I will be in this art show starting on November 5th! #HolyokeMA #NativeArtists #Digitalart #acrylic

Inuk Beauty  15" x 15" digital art photo by @chrisalk kunik kutsojak aka pink kiss 12" x 12" digital art   photo by @chrisalk Inuksuk  10" x 10" acrylic  photo by @chrisalk  

Have a Good Day!

                                                        This long Inuttitut word means Have a Good Day!                                                          It's pronounced ooh-lu-Hat-sia-niak-Hoo-tit.                                                           It is digital art drawn by Labrador Inuk Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz, 2019.