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Nov. 16th already!

Good afternoon,  Hope this finds you well. Native American Heritage Month is busy for us Indigenous folx here in the northeast. Somehow it's already Nov. 16th!  I am happy our awesome panel from Nov. 5th at the Wistariahurst Museum was recorded and you can watch it at . We had a good time and I'm grateful I joined the panel.  Please join me and subscribe to Holyoke Media! Run by fantastic people and I need to figure out how to link this recording to my YouTube page @ellan.alkiewicz3825  Feel free to follow me there too.  Other news, I'll have a table at the Intertribal Social at UMass Amherst this Saturday night.  I accept Venmo and cash. I'm bringing a mix of acrylic paintings and some digital prints.  My art is also sold at the Fine Arts America site and can be found at I like the variety of images. What's great about the site is you can order what you like. A pr