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I can't believe this is my life!

It's a great day to be Indigenous!  My art is showing in both my countries at the same time of this writing. I am a grateful Inuk!  I uploaded both videos on my YouTube channel. You can see them at and at  And to make life better, there are two press pieces about the Plymouth Center for the Arts show.  Robert Knox of  The Boston Globe  wrote an article about our show on Aug. 17th.  You can read it here  and Mr. Jay Sugarman interviewed Casey Figueroa, MFA on . You can watch the 29.30 min. show here .  The PCA show ends this Sunday, the 11th of September. There is a talk scheduled for 1 to 2 p.m. at 11 North St., Plymouth with four Indigenous artists on the panel. I'm not planning to speak but will if asked. I think will be a fun time on a challenging day.  A big thank you to the PCA, to Casey our curator, to my family for the moral support, to Gude for the  grace to create the acrylic paintings and digital print.    I wil