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This weekend

 Living in Massachusetts, there are many awesome, fun, family-friendly Indigenous events for this weekend. I'm hoping they all go off sans covid, omicron, flu germs. I'm assuming (yes, I know the inside yolk: ass-u-me) that everyone has their vaccines updated.  Oct. 8th in Newburyport there will be an Indigenous People's Day (IPD) Celebration. Look here- Same day, in Boston at noon, there will be an IPD parade, meet at Park St. Station. Look at UAINE on FB for more info.   A Cherokee/African American older of mine is speaking at The Jones Library on Oct. 8th too!   Oct. 9th in Pittsfield, there will be an IPD Celebration. Look here- Oct. 10th in Newton, there will be an IPD Celebration. Look here- I know The Clark Art Institute sent info out about an IPD event. Curry College is doing something on Oct.10th. I've seen others. If you find more, let me know.  Twenty-five towns and cities in Mass. have