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Halloween 2023

                                                            Digital art by Ella N. Alkiewicz, (C) 2023 It's a great day for the Rag Shag parade and for too much Halloween candy.  Today is the last day for my show at the Northampton Senior Center Mary's Bistro. It was an awesome first solo show and privilege to shine in my hometown. The reception was well attended and fun to be with others. The snacks were yummy, too. The video my husband took can be found on my YouTube channel  with four other videos.  I submitted another application and sold one of my paintings! I'm thrilled on both.  There's a super gathering this Sunday, Nov. 5th from 11 AM to 3 PM. Click here  for more info. Here's more information.  Image from their Instagram page @wistariahurst It will be a great day to speak and vend at the Wistariahurst Museum with my frens. I hope you will join us. Park along the street and masks are optional while I will wear o