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 Atsusi!  I have had busy for several weeks. Hope all are staying healthy and are ready for March 2022! There are lots of reasons to celebrate life. Please  NiukKagekkusijalluit -   wear your mask (whether or not the mandates are lifted).  I went to a beach on Valentine's day with my love. 💗 We froze our faces and had a great time. 💗 I took the day off from my studio. However, being a writer/artist, I couldn't help but jot down my ideas in my art book.     It was great to sell another print to a fan. I'm grateful and feel free to contact me ( for more information on purchasing acrylic paintings and/or digital prints. My print called "Unnuk" (Twilight in Inuttut) will be shown at the Pinelo Art Gallery next week. I don't want to post until they post it. Woohoo! It was an honour to be asked.  It's a great day to be an artist, a writer, a wife, anaana, a sister, a fren, a panik, a teacher. Feel free to reshare this, contact me, see