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Video Ready

Happy Fri-yay! Last night was a success! Many friends visited or sent me a message. I did a short FB Live video and here is the link to view it on my YouTube channel. Most of the art shown is for sale. Beaded Orange Shirt, Caught, Discovered, and My Ancestor are not for sale. I can make similar ones nevertheless.  Feel free to share this with a friend or leave a comment. Nakummek for viewing.  Life is good and better with paint. 

Exciting News

Pinch Me!  Life is good and busy and tiring and joy is spilling out of my cells.  I share the news with great happiness; Don't take it as bragging or gloating.  Due to the pandemic, I'm claiming my creative self instead of listening to the old voices who lied. They didn't know what they didn't know; I forgive them. I'm the Inuk artist who was told not to create art as a youngster. It took me decades to forgo the liar's "wisdom." Two of my small paintings are for sale at the Wampanoag Trading Post and Gallery. Look for the "Inuksuk Mikijuk" mini canvas and "Dancing Joy" mini canvas at   I noticed the Trading Post's hours are Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Say hi to Danielle when you visit or order. She's an amazing author, mom, gallery co-owner, and UMass Amherst alumna.  Look for the announcement at  middle of the page. My "Rainbow" digital pr