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She s t r e t c h e s Canvas!

Hello!   It's been soo wonderful to own my art and be able to stretch canvas. I have a variety of sizes and feel they're all wonderful. I will happily paint on every one of them.   My dear husband of nine years came to the studio after his very long day and took photos. All of these are his photos. Big thank yous, Chris Alkiewicz.  I was able to explain to him the (now) easy steps. At first I was challenged!    I prepped my space with my fish beaded necklace.  Not necessary but I say a lil prayer. Measure, measure, measure without a flannel shirt that gets in the way.  Connect the dots for a straight line. I'm rocking my Boston Red Sox lid with  Nunatsiavut kavamanga, USMCW, Red Sox and Puffin pins.  It's better to stand up and staple.  I used my cutting board too since this is a 6 by 6-inch canvas.  I sit and make sure the corners are folded tight.  Et voila! Fini!  Pijagevunga!  (Front) Now ready to drill holes to hang it. (Back)  Nakummesuak for coming and feel free