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These are exciting days!

 Atsusi!  Nakummek to all who are reading my posts. I appreciate it very much.  My latest news is my class, Poetry Painting 2022, starts tomorrow! Five of six students have their art supplies via UPS or hand-delivered. The last one should be at the student's home on Wednesday.  Big thank you to the Community Foundation of Western Mass. for the funding to be able to teach six awesome students.  We do have FB, Twitter, and Instagram pages. We'll post during classes.  Other news,  my "Waves" painting/digital art will come down this Friday, 7/29/22. There's still time to go see it at the Greenfield Savings Bank in S. Deerfield, MA. There are only six of them out there swimming in this big world. If you go, let me know what you think.  I am ready to bring my three paintings to the frame shop tomorrow for the all-Indigenous art show at the Plymouth Center for the Arts in August! I'm soo excited!  There's a Nipmuc Nation powwow on Sunday! Click here  for the post