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I'll pay people back that donated. Thank you for the support.  I will show my work in other spaces and will send out notice then. I created the three above digital images. Don't forget I take commissions too.  I am grateful. Be well.       


 Ullaasiak or Ullukut,  I haven't been posting lately and apologize. June is a busy month and lots going on.  Happy P R I D E too!  I created a stellar painting for my Angutik's bday called Birthday Blue . He loves it and hung it up in his office. I'm quite proud and received many compliments on it.  I painted images for my niece's wedding and presented them to our relatives. (I missed two that I didn't know were coming and felt awful. I should make them and mail them sooner.)  I dropped off my painting Sikinik at the Plymouth Center for the Arts. It's a 2022 acrylic painting 16 by 20 inches. It's for sale for $300. USD and 30% of the profit return to PCA. The show runs until July 23d. You can see it here (under my legal name). The joy of the image is I painted it while staying in a hotel last summer in Plymouth. I was waiting for my husband and found myself painting a happy water scene.  I'm supposed to go to Toronto for a day sale. I really want to