My "Every Child Matters" digital art in a Toronto gallery

I made this beautiful digital art piece to represent the residential boarding schools that Inuit were forced to attend. It says "Ilonnatik Suguset ikKannattut" which means "Every Child Matters" in Inuttitut. The churches spilled Inuit blood by running the Canadian Residential Boarding Schools for too many years. 

Across the street from the Leslie Grove Gallery, Mom and I sat on the bench. 
I looked up and saw this flag. It was soo refreshing to feel seen and heard. 
#LeslieGroveGallery #TorontoON

This is Anaanaga (on left) and she survived the Canadian Residential Boarding Schools. She's incredible!  We wear the Orange Shirts. Her mask is from Nunatsiavut kavamanga while mine is the Labrador flag. 
 #wearamask #getvaccinated 

Inovunga Labradorimi ammalu my 12 by 12 inches digital art. 
It sold and I'm soo pleased it has a forever home. 
#EveryChildMatters #OrangeShirt 

All photos taken on my iPhone, 21 August 2021



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