My art is hanging in the gallery!

A big thank you to Gallery A3 member, Rochelle Shicoff, for asking me to be her guest artist.
Also thank you to Gallery A3 member Sue Katz for hanging my pieces.
You can see our work from Thursdays to Sundays between hours 3 to 8 PM. 

My acrylic paintings are up! There are two inuksuk ammalu an ulu amma an Inuk. 
The fifth painting called "Every Child Matters Shirt" will be added once one of these gets sold. 
Photo by Chris Alkiewicz, 12/02/21

I stand next to my artwork, grateful.
Photo by Chris Alkiewicz, 12/02/21 

Gallery A3 member and former art teacher, Nancy Meagher, 
took this photo of Husband and I. 

Gallery A3 is located in Amherst, MA. It's behind Bank of America in the center of town. 
There's convenient parking across the street. 
Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me on Instagram or Twitter
Have a good day! 




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