Save the Date!


I hope this finds you well. I ask you Save the Date for Thursday, July 13th/Tonistaag, Julai 13th from 6 to 8 p.m. EST. [Note: I'll be over after 7 p.m. since I have my Intermediate Inuttut class.]

This link here, we, awesome beautiful talented BIPOC artists will be available during the Easthampton City Arts Artwalk at 50 Arrow Gallery! It is an honour to be invited and show one of my Flat Files with my friends. 

Look for these colours: 

When you visit 50 Arrow Gallery's Instagram page, here, you'll see Feathered Fren is among them. Their TikTok page has a really cool post, too. It's fun to say, I'm in there! 

Feathered Fren is the first digital print at 15 by 15 inches on Lyve Canvas. I stretched it and added the hardware. You can see pingasut/three photos on my Instagram page, @ella_alk, from Fraitaag, Juni 30/Friday, June 30th.   

When I made this image, in Jan. 2023, it became the beginning of my Celebrate Inuit Lives collection for 2024. 

~Life is good and better with paint.~ 

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