Busy Bee


I have been wonderfully busy and have missed posting. My apologies. An artist life is never dull. 

I have some projects going on that can't be divulged yet. (Woohoo) I will have a table at the Hampshire College Native Crossroads Festival on Thursday, May 4th. It will be nice to be back there. Last year was a success and fun to be with my Native frens and meet new people. I don't have a flyer yet, but will post it here when I get it. 

I'll have a table at this Spring Thing event on Saturday, May 13th. Feel free to join us. I'll have digital prints and some acrylic paintings for sale. It's located here. I look forward to meeting you as I'll have a sign-up sheet for my newsletter. 

Feel free to re-share and/or leave a comment. Thanks for reading. Atsunai-


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