Atelihai, Hi, Bonjour! 

My apologies for not posting lately. 

  • My poem did publish in June! The accompanying art is not mine while I do like it. It's a short, sweet, honest poem. Woohoo! Feedback welcome. 
  • I am preparing for my class that starts in two weeks. My class is one of a kind! I am grateful I have earned a ValleyCreates Project Evolution Grant! (It's under my legal name since it involves money. I prefer my given name all day, every day for years now.) 

I have taught for years and an online class seemed the most natural choice during this 2+ year pandemic times. I believe this class is extra-special. It's a BIPOC-only poet and artists class. We'll write poetry and paint with acrylics within a three-hour class each week for a bit. I'm thrilled to do this! We have themes and are ready. We have social media pages on the ready. They are: 

        FB: @paintingpoetry2022

        Instagram: @paintingpoetry2022

        Twitter: @paintpoetry2022. 

Feel free to like and follow us on each platform. I haven't posted yet as I'm waiting for all the supplies to arrive in the mail. You can still follow us. 

  • I have also been painting for an art show in August. It's an all-Indigenous artist show held in Plymouth Center for the Arts. I have two of four pieces ready. They'll be at the frame shop by end of July. 

This is the flyer-

(My art is not on the flyer.) I noticed PCA is on Facebook. You can follow them. I reshared the flyer on my personal FB page. More news the closer we are. 

  • I do have an article coming out soon on ArtsHub of Western Mass. Really fun. I'll post it here when it's live.
  • I will vend at a powwow in Canton, MA in September. More news later. 

  • I was asked to be in another all-Indigenous art show later this year. I am over the moon. When one gets a message, "Hey Sis-" you know it's good. More news on that later. 

Life is good! Water is Life. Wear a mask. Register to vote.

Even though the news is awful and we need to vote like our lives depend on it. Because it does! I'm past childbearing age and have a 20+-year-old. However, my ancestors and I did not survive for this anaq! My angutik, pop, papa did not fight for America for this anaq! 

Nakummek for checking in. Follow me on Instagram: @ella_alk or on Twitter: @ellaalk. Tell a friend. Email me at ella dot alkiewicz at gmail dot com if you have questions or comments. 



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