Cultural Chaos 2022

June is here! 
Happy Pride! 
Happy Indigenous History Month! 
This happened:  

I had the great opportunity to set up a table at Cultural Chaos 2022 of Easthampton, MA. Big thanks to my sweet husband who helped! 

My digital prints and four acrylic paintings are for sale. This is my table with my Nunatsiavut kavamanga/Government flag.

It was so exciting to participate in this long-awaited festival. One customer told me he moved with his family to Easthampton in 2019. They looked forward to attending Cultural Chaos in 2020, however, the pandemic happened and everything closed. 

I think many were excited to attend. There were waves of people. The variety and beauty of folx washed over me and at one point, I realized how much I missed "the old days" pre-pandemic. 

If I could have taken photos of people who passed by or of the customers I would have. The heat surprised me and I forgot.  

I did see a man with a saw in his white cap. Another man with an Iguana on his shoulder. A couple who walked their Yorkie in a netted baby carriage. There were big lop-eared bunnies on leashes. I was glad to see David Detmold speak about Change the (Massachusetts) Flag and Pride Flags and Amalia FourHawks booth of Native American jewellry and hear Diana Alverez sing. 

Easthampton City Arts' Instagram page mentioned me here and I'm soo grateful. I am donating 10% of my sales to them. 

Some people signed up for emails and I'll start sending out a monthly newsletter. 

Message me for buying some prints. Thanks for visiting my page. 

Photo by Chris Alkiewicz, 06/11/22.  


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