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My apologies for not posting lately. The tree buds and flowers are lovely! [Achoo!] 

I taught one class at Mt. Holyoke College. This was the flyer.   

I made the teal seed bead blue glass necklace and the moccs are from The Brown Bear of Canada. 

28 April 2022 by me

We met in the Betty Shabbazz Cultural Center on campus. Look how beautiful the wall is! 
The class was small but we had deep discussions and read great poems. 

        28 April 2022 Photo by Rachel Beth Sayet

In mid-April, my two online classes began for NAICOB students. We're reading and writing poetry one day a week. The second class is we're reading the 2022 Canada Reads winner, Five Little Indians by Michelle GoodThe book is so well-written and powerful. 

On the windy Thursday, I sold fifteen digital prints at the Native Crossroads Festival at Hampshire College. It was a great day! I sent out an email too to the interested folks who signed up! Thank you! 

          copied off their website

I was able to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst event. It was great to visit with my Native friends I haven't seen in a while. 

          image from CMASS

The film that has been on HBO was emotional and strong. See it! 
Kali received a Pendleton blanket from Michelle Youngblood of CMASS with 
Professor Alice Nash of UMass Amherst History. 

       5 May 2022 photo by me 

Upcoming work: 
On Friday, I'll be at the Easthampton CitySpace welcome to Executive Director Michael Bobbitt of Mass Cultural Council. I won't go on the two tours but will be happy to visit. 
I'll be leading/teaching in Belchertown for a three-hour event on May 21. More info on that in a bit. 

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