Curriculum Vitae of Yours Truly


If you're interested in hiring me for commissions or part-time work or consulting or teaching, by all means, read my CV. I am a busy Inuk woman who is happy to join teams and/or work solo. 

I am not bragging nor boasting as it's not the Inuk way. I am posting my CV for any Interested Party(ies) to hire me. I am grateful and appreciate the work. 

Nakummek and I look forward to working with you. 

Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz

Instagram: @ella_alk 

Twitter: @ellaalk



June 2018                    MFA: Creative Writing Nonfiction, Lesley University low-residency MFA Program, Cambridge, MA

May 2012                    B.A.: BDIC: Journalism and Certificate Program in Native American Indian Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA

May 1994                    B.S.: Early Childhood Education, Salem State University, Salem, MA


April 2022             International Active Bystanders Training, Quabbin Mediation 

Sept. 2021             MOOC: Learning to Teach Online, University of New South Wales

Dec. 2020              MOOC: Aboriginal Worldviews and Education, University of Toronto

Nov. 2020             MOOC: Indigenous Canada, University of Alberta

Sept. 2020             Introduction to Inuttitut, Nunatsiavut kavamanga

Spring 2010          Active Bystander Training, Quabbin Mediation  

Feb. 2010              40-hr. Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Counselor Training, Jane Doe, Inc.          


May 6, 2022                ValleyCreates Project Evolution grant, Community Foundation of Western Mass.

Jan. - Feb. 2022          Art Workspace Easthampton Studio Residency, Easthampton City Arts 

June 2021                    Poet-Author “Voices of Color” partial Fellowship online, Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing  

March 2021                 Full Scholarship to “Write Over Here: Open online Rezidency,” Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity 

Jan. 2020                     ValleyCreates Artist Workshop, Community Foundation of Western Mass.

April 2017                   Writer of Color half-scholarship, Muse & Marketplace 


June 1 – July 30, 2022         “Waves,” Quabbin Art Association, Greenfield Savings Bank, South Deerfield, MA 

April 1 - 29, 2022                   “Two Pink Pitsek,” Quabbin Art Association, South Hadley Public Library, South Hadley, MA

Feb. 23 - March 23, 2022       “Unnuk,” Geçit/Gate, IKU: Atatoy Campus, IKU Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 

Dec. 2 - 31, 2021                    “Blue Ulu,” “Every Child Matters Shirt,” “Happy Inuk,” “Inuksuk in Labrador,” “Inuksuk mikijuk.” Small Wonders, Gallery A3, Amherst, MA

Nov. 6 - Dec. 11, 2021           “heART,” “Uluit,” “Under the Atsânik.” Native Art Exhibit Sky, 50 Arrow Gallery, Easthampton, MA 

Nov. 5 - Dec. 18, 2021           “Inuk Beauty,” “Inuksuk,” “kunik kutsojak.” November Red, Paper City Clothing Company, Holyoke, MA

Aug. 4 - 22, 2021        “Every Child Matters.” Wisdom of Kinship: Indigenous Art Exhibition: First Nation, Inuit & Métis, Leslie Grove Gallery, Toronto, Canada

July 29 - 31, 2021       “Under the Atsânik,” Projections of Paper, International Paper Works Exhibition, Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria 


Nov. 2, 2020               “Post Pause Online Arts Exhibit,” Easthampton City Arts, 

Oct. 7, 2020                “Belchertown,” Instagram: btwonjustice,

Aug. 30, 2020             “Aliens,” Straw Dog Writers Guild blog,



July 2022 – Present                 Online teacher, Painting Poetry 2022 for BIPoC students 

Jan. – May 2022                     BIPoC-led Paticipatory Grantmaker, Art Angels

Jan. - April 2022                   Artist Advisor, Assets for Artists 

April 2021 – May 2022          Online College Tutor, University of Massachusetts Boston




July 2022                    in press-“Three literary leaders put pen to paper during Coronavirus-19,” ArtsHub of Western Mass. 

Summer 2021             “Life during the pandemic,” Inuktitut, Issue 128-129, pages 4-9, Ottawa, ON

Autumn 2020              “Learning Inuttitut on your Fingertips,” Inuktitut, Issue 127, pp. 5-7, Ottawa, ON

Winter 2019                “Inuktitut in Seattle,” Inuktitut, Issue 126, pp. 11-15, Ottawa, ON 


Summer 2019             “Inukuluit in the USA,” Inuktitut, Issue 125, pp. 8-9, Ottawa, ON

Book Reviews:

2022                     in press-“Duende: Quincy Troupe,” African Voices 

April 2019           “Poetry Review: Whereas,” 2040 Review, Vol. 2 Issue 1, p. 13, Boston, MA

Photography Credits: 

Aug. 25, 2021             “Heather Campbell on Instagram,” Zoom, Inuit Art Foundation, 

Summer 2021             Screenshot, “Life during the Pandemic,” Inuktitut, Issue 128-129, p. 6, Ottawa, ON 

Nov. 5, 2020               “Writers Night In,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild 

Autumn 2020              “Learning Inuttitut on your Fingertips,” Inuktitut, Issue 127, p. 3, Ottawa, ON

Sept. 1, 2020               “Writers Night In,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild 

July 18, 2020              “Retreat,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild 

July 5, 2020                “Hilltown Writers Read,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild

May 6, 2020                “Writers Night In,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild

April 5, 2020               “Works in Progress: Writers of all levels finding connections amid 

Cancellations,” Steve Pfarrer, The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA

Feb. 2, 2020                “Hilltown Writers Read: Suzanne Rancourt,” Facebook, SDWG

Jan. 8, 2020                 “The Author Showcase,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild

Dec. 3, 2019                “Writers Night Out: Karen Skolfield,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild

Nov. 3, 2019               “Hilltown Writers Read: Janet MacFadyen,” Facebook, SDWG

Summer 2019             “Inukuluit in the USA,” Inuktitut, Issue 125, pp. 8-9, Ottawa, ON


Aug. 30, 2020             “Out of this World,” SDWG Blog, 

Fall 2019                     “What’s in a name?” Lucky Jefferson, Takoma Park, MD

Nov. 2018                   “The Secret Path, residential schools and reconciliation” 
UMass Amherst Linguistics Department Blog, 

May 2018                    “The American Story,” The Auburn Avenue,

May 2018                    “My Uivak,” Dawnland Voices,


June 13, 2022              “No News for Me,” DarkWinter Literary Magazine,

Dec. 2020                    “Christmas Eve,” The Poet Magazine: Christmas: A collection of poetry about Christmas from poets around the world, compiled by Robin Barratt

Dec. 5, 2020                “The Existence,” “Testimony to my journey,” “Adventure” 

                                    Locating Me Chapbook, edi. Nicole M. Young

Sept. 2020                   “Ripples,” Attack Bear Press, Easthampton, MA

Fall 2019                     “What’s in a name?” Lucky Jefferson, Takoma Park, MD

Oct. 2019                    “Ode to a Phenomenal Women,” Ode to the Dead Writers Collection, 

edi. Marisa Mizzoni, Straw Dog Writers Guild, Northampton, MA




April 1, 2022               “Ella Alkiewicz,” Unique Inuk, Rob Lackie,

March - May 2022      “Vital. Vibrant. Visible: Local Indigenous Identity Through Portraiture,” Sara Lyons, 

VT Center for Photography, Brattleboro, VT

Feb. 3, 2022                “Alkiewicz participates in Easthampton City Arts residency program,” The Reminder, Lynn Daris,

Jan. 29, 2022               “Zacharias Kunuk and Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz,” Tunnganarniq Nunagijavut-Welcome to Where We Live Now,

Nov. 26, 2021             “Paper City Clothing Company Hosts Native American Exhibit “November Red.””                                               Connecting Point,
May - June 2021         “Vital. Vibrant. Visible: Local Indigenous Identity Through Portraiture,” Sara Lyons,                                           Athol Public Library, Athol, MA 

March 20, 2021           “Women’s History Month Spotlight-Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz,” Cambridge                                                          Common Writers,
Oct. - Dec. 2020         “Ripples,” MAP Space Gallery, Easthampton, MA 
Spring 2019                “Mother/Anaana and Daughter/Panik,” Sara K. Lyons, Great Falls  Discovery Center,                                           Turners Falls, MA 


June 11, 2022                          Artist, Cultural Chaos, Easthampton City Arts 

April 28, 2022                         Artist, Native Crossroads Festival, Hampshire College

March 2022 - Present             Advisor, Literary Massachusetts,

Oct. 2020 - Present                 Inuit Elder’s Tea, Tungasuvvingat Inuit
Oct. - Nov. 2020                     Advisor, artist, collaborator, editor for iSHAPE_MA, Belchertown Justice                                                             Collaborative
July 2020                                Consultant: Inuit: Snow Goggles, National Museum of the American Indian-NYC
March 2020                             Powwow Committee member, University of Massachusetts Amherst 
Feb. - Nov. 2020                     Steering Committee member, Straw Dogs Writers Guild
Oct. - Nov. 2019                     Co-judge, Emerging Writers Fellowship 
Oct. 2019                                Ice-breaker presenter, 21st Inuit Studies Conference
Spring 2019                            Massachusetts Native Peoples Working Group member, University of                                                                    Massachusetts Boston 
March 2019                             Pre-Muse volunteer, GrubStreet 
Oct. 2018                                Book Representative, Boston Book Festival 
June 2018 - Nov. 2020           Marketer, Straw Dog Writers Guild 
Spring 2017                            Intern: co-planner for the annual Native American powwow 
                                                University of Massachusetts Amherst 
May 2014                                Working group: Native Americans against Domestic Violence                                                                                University of Massachusetts Boston 
Fall 2011                                 Intern, Pioneer Valley Symphony

Public Reader: 

July 23, 2022              “Pitsek,” Enchanted Circle, Holyoke, MA

June 11, 2021              “Racism is alive and frightening,” MVICW, Zoom

June 9, 2021                “Written during a class,” “Part Two,” MVICW, Zoom
March 26, 2021           “Meaber Bobber,” “Adventure,” “The Existence,” Write Over Here 

March 19, 2021           “Eyes opened,” “His Name,” “Three,” Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Zoom 

March 12, 2021           “Fierce,” “Adventure,” “2020,” “It’s almost 4:30,” Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Zoom 

Dec. 5, 2020                “The Existence,” “Testimony to my Journey,” “Adventure,” “Maples and Pines,” Locating Me, Zoom

July 5, 2020                “Superior Sailing,” “Home,” Straw Dog Writers Guild, Zoom 

Dec. 3, 2019                “Courageous Living,” The Basement, Northampton, MA 

Nov. 12, 2019             “What’s in a name?” “Ode to a Phenomenal Woman,” Endopolis Poetry Room, Easthampton, MA

July 7, 2019                “Awake and Alone,” “Sunday mornings,” “Spirit’s invisible reigns”

                                    Belding Library, Ashfield, MA

May 5, 2019                “Sunday, May 5,” Belding Library, Ashfield, MA
Jan. 25, 2019               “Connections,” Public Reading of Poetry, Prose and Drama, Amherst College,                                                      Amherst, MA 

Dec. 4, 2018                “I am my Mother’s Daughter,” The Basement, Northampton, MA

July 10, 2018              “A Whale of a Tale,” The Basement, Northampton, MA 

June 9, 2018                “Rest in Peace D.J.,” Iconica Social Club, Northampton, MA 

June 4, 2018                “4 June 2018,” The Forbes Library, Northampton, MA

Public Speaker

Sept. 30, 2021             “Orange Shirt Day,” NAICOB, JFK Federal Building Plaza, Boston, MA

July 1, 2021                “My family,” NAICOB, Trinity Church steps, Boston, MA

Nov. 7, 2020               “A message from Inuit Elders for International Inuit Day,” Tungasuvvingat Inuit,

Aug. 1, 2020               A Knee Is Not Enough, Easthampton, MA

Nov. 17, 2019             “We Are Still Here: Diverse Indigenous Voices In the Valley”
Jones Library, Amherst, MA              

Sept. 24, 2018             Panelist: MFA Programs Info. Session, Boston Writers of Color, Boston, MA      

Nov. 6, 2016               “No DAPL--Water Is Life” student rally, University of Massachusetts Amherst Native American Student Association, Amherst, MA

Sept. 5, 2016               “No DAPL,” Western MA Native Community, Northampton, MA  



April 18, 2022             “Healing through Poetry,” Mt. Holyoke College       

Sept. - Oct. 2021         Indigenous Writers Group: Book Discussion- Firekeeper’s Daughter, NAICOB

Feb. - May 2021         Indigenous poetry online, NAICOB

April 10, 2019               Co-facilitator for “Insuca Cubun: Healing Circle for Natives and non-Native People at Smith,” Inclusion & Diversity Conference, Smith College 

Jan. 23, 2019               Post-MFA Life: Amherst College Creative Writing Residency
Amherst College

Nov. 28, 2018             Co-speaker for “The Secret Path,” with Exec. Producer Patrick Downie
University of Massachusetts Amherst 

June 28, 2018              “The Power of Storytelling: two female Indigenous authors” 
Lesley University low-residency MFA program in Creative Writing

April 5, 2018               “Labrador Land Protectors Resist,” 4th Annual Five Colleges Native American & Indigenous Studies Symposium, Amherst College

April 14, 2017             “Tourism in Nunatsiavut,” 10th Annual Indigenous Research Symposium, University of Massachusetts Amherst



Jan. 2022                                 ArtsHub Western Mass. Virtual Summit

May 2021                                Social Media Weekend, Whova dot com

Oct. 2019                                21st Inuit Studies, Montréal, Québec, Canada

April 2019                               Muse & Marketplace, Boston, MA 

April 2017                               Muse & Marketplace, Boston, MA

June 2015                                Social Media Weekend (#SMWKD), Columbia University, N.Y.C.
July 2014                                Goggle for Media New York City (#G4MNYC), New York, N.Y. 

May 2014                                Native American & Indigenous Studies Association, Austin, TX 

Oct. 2012                                Journalism And Women Symposium (JAWS), Burlington, VT



June 13, 2022              “Community Foundation Announces Artist Grantees for ValleyCreates 

Project Evolution Program,” Community Foundation of Western Mass,

June 12, 2022              Wow, @easthamptoncityarts, Instagram,

May 22, 2022              Thanks so much, @btownjustice, Instagram,

May 12, 2022              Saturday 5/21, @btownjustice, Instagram,

May 3, 2022                “Art Angels Turn to Artists of Color to Award Grants,” 

                                    Community Foundation of Western Mass.,

March 2, 2022             Sending out huge thanks, @easthamptoncityarts, Instagram,

Jan. 11, 2022               Recipient of AWE 2022, @easthamptoncityarts, Instagram,

Dec. 29, 2021              Guest Artist, @gallery_a3, Instagram,

Dec. 12, 2021              “Christmas Eve,” Facebook: The Poet Magazine,

Nov. 30, 2021             “Welcome 2022 Studio Residents!”

Nov. 30, 2021             “Native American and Indigenous creatives describe their experiences at UMass,” The Massachusetts Daily Collegian,

Nov. 2021                   “Cambridge Common Writers End-of-Year Celebration and Gift Guide 2021,” Cambridge Common Writers,

Nov. 8, 2021               “Indigenous art, culture showcased during Native American Heritage Month,” MassLive, April Munford,

March 2021                 “Member News,” Straw Dog Writers Guild Newsletter 

Feb. 22, 2021              “Member News,” Facebook, Straw Dog Writers Guild

Nov. 16, 2020             “Stepping Down,” Straw Dog Writers Guild Newsletter                               

Nov. 10, 2020             “Publication News and Announcements,” Cambridge Common Writers 


Oct. 12, 2020              iSHAPE_MA, @btownjustice, Instagram,                                 

Sept. 14, 2020             “Publication News and Announcements,” Cambridge Common Writers,    


July 2020                    “imagiNations Creations: Snow Googles,” National Museum of the American Indian-NYC                                              

May 2020                    “Author Bios: Nonfiction,” Cambridge Common Writers 

April 14, 2020             poetry, @jin_xia_art, Instagram,

April 2020                   “Our Members,” Straw Dog Writers Guild, 

March 28, 2017           “Native American Student Association plans for powwow after travelling to Native Nations Rise March in Washington D.C.,” The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, Stuart Foster,



April 2022 - Present               Academy of American Poets, New York, NY 

Nov. 2021 – Present              Quabbin Art Association, Belchertown, MA
Aug. 2020 - Present                North American Indian Center of Boston (NAICOB), Jamaica Plain, MA

July 2019 - Present                 The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA

July 2018 - June 2021             Straw Dog Writers Guild, Northampton, MA 

April 2017 - Jan. 2020            Grub Street, Boston, MA

Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2014          Native American Journalist Association, Norman, OK

Dec. 2008 - Present                Nunatsiavut kavamanga, Labrador, Canada


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