My Art Workspace Easthampton Studio Residency

Happy 2022! 

This year has started great. I am ten days into my two-month artist residency! I am a grateful Inuk artist and Inuk writer to have this opportunity! I still can't believe this is my life. The studio's windows give such good light and there's plenty of space to move around and create. Most of my materials are moved in and the set-up is fabulous. I love it! 

Husband and I hung up my digital art and acrylic paintings from the previous art shows. I am happier all these are images together. The acrylic paintings ("Blue Ulu," "Every Child Matters Shirt," "Happy Inuk," "Inuksuk," "Inuksuk in Labrador," "Inuksuk mikijuk") and the digital art piece ("heART") are still for sale. 

You can view the studio et al. on my Instagram, @ella_alk. I posted (dorky) videos on my Facebook page, Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz. I am thrilled to start creating, developing, and editing this important piece of literature during my studio residency in Easthampton.

For this residency, I'm working on writing & illustrating a nonfiction children's book. I am utilizing my MFA in creative writing nonfiction and adding mixed media: photography, digital art, and acrylic paintings. This book will take many hours and I’m ready to work. 

I have researched and know there are books. However, the literary world doesn't have this book written and illustrated by this Labrador Inuk. I believe in it and want others to read it. 

Feel free to share this and/or follow me on Instagram. You can contact me via email for more information, prices, commissions, etc. I prefer sales via Venmo, @ealk3. 

Thanks for reading and be careful with the ice. 



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